29 November, 2008

"Amanda Wakeley Lovely Gowns On Sale"

 	Perfectly poised Dita Von Teese shows her absolute dedication to dressing up
Dita Von Tesse Wearing Amanda Wakeley

Tamsin Egerton might not have been a star for long, but she's spot on with her red carpet choices
Tamsin Egerton Wearing Amanda Wakeley

Have you ever wished that you could just wear a red carpet designer gown? Drooling over your favorite designer gown, feeling a little envious that an actress is wearing the gown that you think, that you know that you would look twice as better in?
Well Ladies, your wish may just come true. No need to look any further you may may just have a chance to wear an Amanda Wakeley designer gown. Cocosa will be having a sale on "exclusive" Amanda Wakeley gowns!
Amanda Wakeley has dressed many "it" stars such as Scarlett Joasson which as been seen on the red carpet! Mariah Carey, Dita Von Tesse, Tamsin Egerton, and Emmanuelle Chriqui just to name a few, oh aren't we missing your name!
You do not want to miss this sale, opening on December 1st. Amanda Wakeley gowns will definitely have heads turning!

Cocktail chiffon dress

Halter neck chain gown

Crossover neck gown

"Shimmery Lips All Day"

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect
If you are wanting a very long lasting shimmery look, then this Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect is just for you. I bought this awhile ago. I was looking for something to enhance my voluptuous lips. I was highly pleased on how the look (shineness) lasted. Dior products will give you that voluntary look and feel that every woman so desire. Trust me you will not be applying on no more than once!

Jersey Pink157
I wear #157

To make your lips look extra glamours apply the Dior lip stick #352 and Contour Levres lip liner pencil #223

26 November, 2008

"My Nail Color Is Not Your Nail Color"


I am often reading and reviewing the latest products to see what I like, what would readers like. I was browsing and came across this short article where they were telling you what they think is the best nail color for you would be. How they divide to see what color is best, is by the individuals skin tones, light, medium, to dark skin. The choice that they thought would look great, I must say that the colors that they chosen looked just dreadful.

My opinion I feel that a woman should try to coordinate with what she wear. Not too matchy matchy you do want your nail polish to have a voice too!

Chanel Spendeur

Chanel Paparazzi

Chanel Orange Blossom

25 November, 2008

" Who Doesn't Love Tiffany"

Who doesn't love the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's"? Of course ever since then Tiffany's has been on the map for the perfect diamond engagment ring, the perfect gifts!
Christmas is fast approaching and the economy is not the best right now. But there are ways to cut cost, who says that you can not buy a great gift or even spoil yourself.

Here are my top pick's from Tiffany's all under $200.

Enjoy shopping!

Tiffany Blue Box Charm $150








21 November, 2008

"Matthew Williamson 60%off And Free Shipping"

Poppy georgette tunic dress

Cocosa has the latest trends and today they are having a sale on Matthew Williamson Collection. So hurry, they are going out of stock fast!
To get full description of these items the private link is below:


Poppy georgette shift dress

Beaded bubble dress

"The Power Of The Jumpsuit"

After reviewing over nine hundred Jumpsuit's, I was amazed on how extraordinarily different each jumpsuit was and how the designers thought outside the box. I have viewed jumpsuit that were hippie, street, urban, rough, chic, classy, classic, and sophisticated styles. It is also wild on how you can take a 70's style and put a modern feel and look to a jumpsuit. I thought that I had seen it all. I did not have any idea on how someone can create something that has already been done decades ago, even if you add pleats, draping, wide leg, short leg, skinny leg, off the shoulders, and tube jumper, what a sight. I definitely enjoyed viewing all of the jumper collections.

Here are my favorite pick's. I have chosen the modern jumpsuits.







20 November, 2008

"Coach For Under $100.00"

I remember when I bought my very first coach purse, from their classic collection. It was a middle size purse with a long strap, I can not believe that still today after nine years it is still in great condition!
Time has passed since then and coach has greatly involved into this middle class luxury brand. Maybe a little to much, but they do have great cool chic items that will still make you feel like you are the only one wearing it. Just try to stay away from the "signature collection."

Here are my top picks:

1. I know that this isn't from the $100 gift's. But, I love this! It's new from coach. This gorgeous metallic leather jewelry box is one of my must-have. I guess I am a metallic freak for now.
product image

2. Coach Scarf. I love reversible scarves
product image

3. Lambskin with cashmere lining. "Oh my" will make your hands feel warm.
product image

4. Key chain/change holder
product image

5. Madison Leather Wrislet
product image

6. Madison Leather small wallet. Great item for credit cards up to 3 and I.D. window full-length bill compartment.
product image

7. Water Buffalo slim billfold. Six credit card pockets, single bill compartment, with coach logo lining.

product image

"Party Up With Your Girl Friends"

Have you heard that the jump suits will be the must-have item for spring 2009. Marc Jaobcs Has design this "oh so chic" velvet jump suit just in time for those must attend holiday events. This jump suit is so sleek. You can easily accessorize this velvet jump suit!

Marc Jacobs is available at Net-A-Porter.com

Note: Do not forget to accessorize with a little galm.

Marc Jacobs Velvet jumpsuit

19 November, 2008

"Something Chic To Wear For The Holiday"

This flattering Hannah Marshall will be eye catching to all of your hoilday events!
Find something that has a little flair to it. Sheer is always good, and is the latest trend right. Even if it's a sheer blouse, it gives a fancy look to it.


"Bold Jewelry For The Holidays"

You can not forget these new eye candy bold rings. They will add much glam to your holiday attire.

Erickson Beamon 205 pounds

"Pearls For Every Budget"

Pretty Young Thing Necklace

When I think of pearls I think of my grandmother and mother. They wore their pearl necklaces quite often, especially on special occasions. I think by seeing them I began to wear pearls later on in my 20's. Wearing pearls has away of making you feel graceful and "oh so elegant." It gives you such a flair, and it does make you feel important in away, people will take you more seriously, in my opinion. Now the younger generation is picking up on this classy trend where designers have taken the "classic pearl necklace" and designed it more trendy by adding a gracious satin bow. Even making it more chic but a little girly. One thing that I do like about the pearl necklaces, is that it fits every budget, and you really can not tell if they are real or fake unless you rub your teeth against them! Who would exactly grab your necklace to see if they are real are not right?

Ladies has you know you can wear pearls with just about anything! It brings such elegance to your outfit.

Here are my top three picks for the "pearl necklace" trend.

The pearl necklace above is by Pretty Young Thing for $275.

The second photo below is by Dior for $600.

The third photo is from The Limited for $28.50

Dior bead and bow necklace

18 November, 2008

"What In The World Was She Thinking"

Victoria Beckham
I am speechless right now. I love fashion to the up-most and I do respect all designers for their creative ideas. With that said, what in the world was Victoria Beckham was thinking about. Maybe someone can disagree with me and tell me what was unique about her spring/summer 2009 collection. To me when I viewed it, by accident. I was shocked, how the dresses fit some of the models. Victoria Beckham has impacable taste. But does that mean you start a clothing line? I just do not get it! I never thought in a million years that I will be venting about someones collection. With that said, I kind of get what she was trying to say about the collection. She was giving a version of her life style. But to me she was giving it in a cheap way. I really thought that someone with great style would blow their collection out of the water and take fashion to the next level. For me this collection does not get any good ratings for me.

This is the only dress that seems ok. But, I have seen this look before?

These are not good ratings for me!

17 November, 2008

" A Big Change For Me"

I have never been a Ugg shoe lover. Ugg's have been such a rave for the pass couple of years. I guess that this trend had passed me by or maybe I never really paid any attention.

I received an e-mail from Neiman Marcus to all their customers, which is available to anyone that sign up to receive their promotions. I received one of their e-mails about Uggs and decided to finally take a look at the collection. I must say that I was quite impress with the fall and winter collection. Very chic yet sophisticated at the same time. They will be very cool for the street wear trend, I said to myself. So I will try something new and add some conform-ability to my wardrobe.

After viewing them I decided which pairs of Ugg's I will buy. I picked the Crocheted Classic Boot in brown and the Scuffette Slipper in brown. The Classic boot I picked because you can wear to your calves or fold them down, two looks all in one. My last choice was the Scuffette slipper, simply because they do not look like your normal slippers. There is really no need for socks both Crocheted boot and the Scuffette slipper have a plush moisture-wicking micro pile lining, where they will keep your oh so cozy feet warm to as low as 30 degrees, How cool is that! I love the fact that they are very comfortable and at I think a reasonable price.

I am a little behind of this Ugg rave but late then never!