30 September, 2008

"A Evening Out"

Are you wanting to wear something out of the ordinary? Wanting to make your evenings out "make a statement?" Well, I have just the outfit for you. Here is a glam up oufit, keeping you looking trending and chic. Yes, it is a little bit bold and daring. I am personally loving these pieces together.
Ladies the next time you go out, make sure you wear an oversized item or a really cool metallic coat!



Prints are so hot in London right now! Mix and match. Personally I am all for it, as long as it flows together. Wearing clothing must tell a story, as I have been qouted on this before.



29 September, 2008

"Say No To Long, No To The Floor"

I really don't have the slightest idea on what is going on with these "spring dresses." I am all for spaghetti and clevage showing in a dress. But, don't make it look so sloppy and too wide open at the top. I to have a dress similar to this one, but it's totally covered at the top. The fabric is very soft and feels smooth on the skin. The length is way too long. So long where you may and can trip (that would be a scene).


Photo Courtesy of Nicole Miller

Photo Courtesy of Nicole Miller

"Wear Day and Night"

My Everyday Look "Burberry"
This fantastic Spring 2009 Collection blown me away, maybe alittle dramtic when I make that statement. Burberry Prorsum Resort 2009 Collection spoke comfortability for every woman with it's soft chic, and stylish presence. I am so loving the diverse looks in this collection. You can take these outfits and have many mix pieces in your wardobe, a full complete look.

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

18 September, 2008

"Coordination Freak"

I am a very matchy individual "designer". I feel that when you put pieces together or a design, everything has to tell a story. From the hair, to the accessories and clothing. Here are my two "hot picks" Tracy Reese straight off the ready-to-wear Spring 2009 Collection.

Loving this combonation together. Tracy Reese show was grand!

17 September, 2008

"Soft Lace"

Ladies, here are one of my favorite pieces. I'm loving the whole look of lace covering soft chiffon. It really make the design well put together! The new word for these two looks are "Feminine".

at Saks Fifth Avenue for $345.00

Fall Trends, Feminine, Nanette Lepore Silk blouse


15 September, 2008

"A Designer That You Can Wear"

Monique Lhuillier
I have never been a fan for her wedding dress collection. But, when I seen her Spring 2009 Collection. I was taken back to see how she brought her spring collection together. It is well put together, telling a true story on how a "true woman" should look like. If she is going to a business meeting, traveling, or even going to a dinner and a movie.

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2009

"E" Hot Pick!

See Through The Eyes Of The Designers

There are no words to express this designer "Marc Jacobs".

Spring 2009

"No Wedding Dresses"

We all know Vera Wang for her stunning wedding gowns. Maybe she should stick to that!
Hmm, where did she go wrong?
Ladies you do not need me to tell you that this is totally a huge "bust".

Spring 2009

I'm liking the boxy silver metalic jacket.

"No Way" To Runway....

Up and coming Fashion Designer Leanne. As you know she made it to the final.
I love her color collection. But, what was she thinking. Ladies, if you wear this please trash the belt and those God awful "shoes."