31 October, 2008

"It Is All About The Glamour"

I have always been a glam up gal. I'm totally all about sparkle! Here are my top picks.
These looks are great for the up coming season.


Available at www.saks.com for $4,790.00


Available at www.saks.com for $1,695.00

With this look I would separate the cardigan and wear a pair of skinny jeans!

Sequin Cardigan $1,995.00
Cashmere Sequin Shirt $1,495.00
Sequin Diamante Cami $1,095.00
Available at www.saks..com

"No More Matching"

You will find that many designers are mixing pieces together to bring more than one outfit together.
Note: Learn how to spread and separate your floral prints. You do not want to look like a floral painting or a floral wall paper!
Mix pieces together, to bring your assemble together. You would like to telll a story with what you are wearing.

Here are ideas on how to mix it up!

30 October, 2008

"Going Metallic"

You can never go wrong with wearing a metallic blazer. Even if it's a blouse. I am all about adding something new to the wardrobe!

Metallic houndstooth Phoebe Jacket
Available at www.jcrew.com for $250.00

Dream Simone Cardigan
Available at www.jcrew.com $158.00 and the Metallic Vita Cami for $98.00

"Laid Back And Relaxed"

I think I found something that is for every woman who want to feel pretty, delightful, well put together and feel comfortable. Here are two looks that can be pulled off!

You can find these pieces at www.jcrew.com

29 October, 2008

"An Item That Is Needed"

Stylish cardigans are "it" and has been an essential piece in a women's wardrobe. There are many styles and colors to choose from. Had enough of those dull looking colors of gray and black. Bring in the bright and bold colors, that will liven up your attire! Cardigans are a timeless piece to own, especially when there is a uniquest about the structure of the garment and the design.

Try something new, like this dream tie-neck cardigan.

Top: Dark Poppy Center: Bright Rhubarb Bottom: Tangelo

Available at http://www.jcrew.com/ for $148.00

28 October, 2008

"Two Trends In One"

The top five fall fashion trends, are racey and rich all in one. Art prints, Feminine, Metallic, Rocker, and the Slouchy look. My two favorite trends are purples and the slouchy look. Purple looks great on any skin tone!

Fall Trends, Slouchy, Ralph Lauren Collection suede boots
The price for these "oh so chic" killer boots are $1,150.00

Fall Trends, Slouchy, Chris Han Rayon jersey dress

20 October, 2008

"Converse Making A Come-Back"

Converse "All-Star" shoes a decade ago was known as converse All Star shoe, has been around since 1917. Until Chuck Taylor known as the "salesmen." Literally took over the selling concept of the converse and really made it to what it is today!

In my generation, the early 1990's converse was "hot" and so popular to the hip hop culture. Everyone had there own personal way of making these shoes their very own, by dressing them up, wearing the converse with suits! Now the time has passed and converse "All Star" wanted to take it up a notch by designing these dazzling gold, silver, and pink, or I should say fuchsia, exclusive metallic sneaker.

Women these are especially made for us! With it's rustic look of metallic leather, and check this out satin lining, no need for socks, right? If that is not enough Neiman Marcus put their signature of two butterflies on the bottom of the sole!

These "hot" converse are my must-haves. Even if I don't wear them I will put them up as a collectible! Now if you do want to wear these $175.00 converse. You can easily dress them up! I would not dress them down at all. I would personally wear a chic blazer, nice top, some fitted jeans, and eye poping jewelry either if it's a bold necklace or a bold bracelet. You will definitely look "oh so" chic and sexy.

You can purchase these at Neiman Marcus for $175.00

17 October, 2008

"Here We Go Again"

I know that when a trend that seems to be "hot" doesn't really mean that it is. But, has for me I do like some trends that are out, as I am a trend setter. When I seen many designers with the "skinny pants" in their collections. I asked myself how would these skinny pants will work with women. Not every woman has no hips. The average woman hips are between 36 to 44 (in my book). Maybe not so true but, you get the point. Also height is a big factor. You can not be too short, and chunky legs. A bummer right? But, since they are many women that can wear this style I will show you how to wear them tastefully.

How to wear
Find the pair that fit the most close to your ankles.
Wear open socks to cover the whole ankle.
If you want to show your ankles, then wear high heels.

Perfect Look!

Alexander Wang
Available at www.saks.com for $405.00

Dolce & Gabbana
Available at www.saks.com for $1,295.00

16 October, 2008


This legendary classic designer among Oscar de la Renta, Chanel are my favorite designers of all time. It has been decades, thousands of fashion shows, photoshoots, and publicity. That has made them stay true to the art of fashion and how they see the "todays" woman. Valentino has evolved into everything that appeals to that trendy generation. If she is that jet-setter, business women, or even that socialite, that has to be in the latest collection.

From the classy lady to the oh so chic "it girl" in her 20's. Having designs that every woman can sport!

Valentino Grosgrain Bootie

Valentino Allure Framed Satchel

Valentino Vertical Pleated Tote

Valentino Nuage Bow Tote

Valentino Shoulder Bag

"My Little Red Bow"

I have this new love for purses "clutch." When I saw this clutch I was speechless my mouth dropped! This is the cutest clutch!

Valentino Noeud d
Valentino Noeud d'Amore Clutch
Available at http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/ for $1,095.00

15 October, 2008

The "it" Dress

Turtleneck dresses are having huge hit for this season. Every brand and every store are selling these dresses like hot cakes! Stores are selling them in every budget that you can imagine. What is "hot" about the turtleneck dresses. Is it because they come in different sizes for every woman to wear. Or, just about every color that you could possibly want. Could it be those soft wool, rayon fabrics that they come in. Maybe because each team designer brings their own style, and unique look to it! In any case you will have plenty of choices to pick from.

Note: You would never go out of style with a turtleneck dress.
Wear it with a thin belts.
Wear some really killer heels or boots.
Plain leggings or design leggings.

Adrianna Papell Knit Turtleneck Dress
Adrianna Papell Knit
Turtleneck Dress is available at www.nordstrom.com for $158.00

Classiques Entier® Sweater Dress
This Classiques Entier
Sweater Dress is available at www.nordstrom.com for $198.00

Turtleneck Sweater Dress
Available at www.saks.com for $2,490.00

Cesare Fabbri
Silk-Trim Cashmere turtleneck dress. With and without the silk ruffle collar and sleeve.
Available at www.saks.com for $1,575.00

14 October, 2008

"Something To Invest In"

You will find that many people have their differences in what makes them happy, and what they feel is worth investing their money on. It maybe antique cars, jets, planes, exquisite art, or even a limited edition of Rubiespink Sapphire 18K gold necklace. This $19,000.00 is dripping with sapphire, surrounded inside a clear glass ball, roped around with 18K gold. Who would love to have these precious sapphire rolled and tied up in pure crystal gold luxury!


18K Gold Rubiespink Sapphires
Available at http://www.barneys.com/ for, get this $19,000.00

13 October, 2008

"Art On Your Wrist"

Have you ever seen such an extraordinary design in one bracelet?
I rarely go shopping for bracelets. But, lately jewelry has become such a "new" necessity like never before. Where it is a must-have item to complete your look! Bracelets and cuffs has turned into it's own art form. Instead of paying thousands of dollars on "wall" art, or spending money on a statue, why not spend money on art that you can wear! Jewelry designers have made a way where you can put on and wear the art. Showing all of the intensive designs of details and long hours of hard labor all in one bracelet, made by hand.
If you are looking for a "bubble gum" machine bracelet, then you will not find it on this blog!

The bracelets that are shown below are my "hot picks."


Lair Bracelet
Available at http://www.barneys.com/ for $17,875.00

Gold Dragon Bracelet
Available at http://www.barneys.com/ for $13,000.00


Art Deco Cuff
Available at http://www.barneys.com/ for $7,400.00

Russian Bird Bangle
Available at http://www.barneys.com/ for $11,200.00


Zebu Horn Cuff
Available at www.barneys.com for $11,500.00


Manette Bracelet
Available at
http://www.barneys.com/ for $10,375.00

10 October, 2008

"It's All About The Shoes"

Here are my "pick's" for winter 2008/2009.


Available at www.barneys.com for $1,295.00

Drama 2
Available at www.barneys.com for $775.00

Available at www.barneys.com for $995.00


Avaiable at www.barneys.com for $1,195.00

Available at www.barneys.com for $1,295.00

Available at www.barneys.com for $995.00

Forever Tina
Available at www.barneys.com for $1,575.00

Prada is one of my favorite designers! With it's sexy, yet feminine designs.


Ruffle back pump
Available at www.barneys.com for $650.00

Ruched Bootie
Available at www.barneys.com for $595.00

Ruffle Sandal
Available at www.barneys.com for $730.00

Ruffle Peep Toe
Available at www.barneys.com for $650.00

Ruffle Ankle Boot
Available at www.barneys.com for $890.00

Platform Oxford Bootie
Available at www.barneys.com for $695.00

Lace-up Boot
Available at www.barneys.com for $1,200.00