04 May, 2009

"Stella McCartney Trends"

Stella McCartney has a laid back chic trend, making women look classic with her 70's, 80's inspiration. Her spring 2009 collection is defiantly for the woman on the go who wants to feel refreshed, trendy and on the edge. With Jumpsuits, cropped pants, feminine blazers, prints, oversized lose chic blouses; using soft fabrics, silks, metallic's, sequin, jersey.


This feminine lose jumpsuit is a hot trend for this spring and summer. Make sure you accessorize it with a oversized necklace for that long sexy neckline. You can even wear it with a camisole.

04 April, 2009

Malene Birger Chartreuse Front and Center

I think that I have made it clear that I am a coat lover. I spotted Danish Prime Minister's wife Anne-Mette in Malene Birger Chartreuse coat. I would like to see what other fashion forward coats, jackets, and blazers she have in her closet!

21 February, 2009

"So Much To Do"

There are those days where you just don't want to wear makeup, get overly dolled up, especially when you have loads of things to do. Sometimes you do want to look relax although you may not feel relaxed.
Today there is something new for me. Stella McCartney's relaxed look.

Note: If your hips extends pass 40inches; do not bother!

19 February, 2009

"ISSA A Look That You Will Want"

Loving something to wear that flows while you are walking. Daniella Helayel has amazing still and glamour to her collections.
Cocosa are having some of her items on sale. So check them out!

09 February, 2009

"Can Be Worn Forever"

Loving a dress, skirt, or a blouse that can be worn decade to decade. Investing in something that can be worn for years to come.

My Picks:

"Trench Coats For an Everyday Look"

It seems that just about all last season trends will be in this spring and summer 2009 trends. I guess you can say that trends will be overlapping each other. I have about four different styles of trench coats in my closet. Trench coats are very chic, and need to be worn as such.

How To Wear: Always blend in with the color of the trench.
Wear a button up blouse with cuffs or a fitted round, v-neck shirt.
Skirts above the knees.
Flats with style or heels

Do Not: Stay away from tenni shoes.
Long skirts, skirts that stop below the knee. Will shorten you.

06 February, 2009

"Travel With LV"

Yes, I know that we are have economy issues! But, I have to have this. It's a classic and the good thing is that, this LV bag will never go out of style!