31 March, 2008

"Classic Gucci"

I have not followed Gucci trends until the former designer, Tom Ford, left Gucci over three years ago. The new designer for Gucci (Frida Giannini) has surprised me this season with an impeccable collection, I might add. Bringing lady-like styles back, showing off the waist, elongating the legs with those sassy, high heels. The new spring/summer Gucci collection will be a great enhancement to your wardrobe.


28 March, 2008

"The Celebrity Handbag Trend"

Recently celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, and Victoria Beckham have been seen with oversized red handbags.

victoria beckham hermes birkin

I must say that you just have to love the Hermes Brikin. I was so obsessed with this handbag that I purchased a fake pink one from Arden B. for $170.00. Talk about desperate! I don't care how fancy and chic a high end designer handbag appears to be. If you can't afford it then it's best to let it be! No need to go into debt nor buy a knock off. I don't know what is worst! There are many designer handbags in every price range. So, if you want to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank, here are some styles that will still give you that, "i have arrived" look.

Epi Leather Passy

Louis Vuitton

Epi Leather Passy available at eLUXURY for $1,360.00

Miu Miu Napa Frame Satchel

Miu Miu

Napa Frame Satchel available at Neiman Marcus for $1,595.00

Loro Piana Bellefue Pocket Tote

Loro Piana

Bellefue Pocket Tote available at Neiman Marcus for $3,095.00

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Satchel

Nancy Gonzalez

Crocodile Satchel available at Neiman Marcus for $3,625.00

My personal favorite shoulder handbags!

Zac Posen

This Bo-small shoulder bag has a 70's retro feel to it.

Available at eLUXURY for $1,195.00 comes in two colors: Slate Multi and Honey

Bo Small Shoulder Bag

Bo Small Shoulder Bag

Zac Posen

Devon North-South Tote love the curves on this one. You will not have any problems seeing another handbag like this on the street!

Available at Neiman Marcus for $1,295.00

Zac Posen Devon North-South Tote

27 March, 2008

"Who Or Will You Wear This"

I'm a fashion designer. I have a passion for design. But, when do you draw the line between practical design and haute couture pieces. Should you mix the two? Do you have to have a true love for the designers work of art? Do you just have to love fashion period?

What are you thinking when you see this dress?

Designer: Duro Olowu
This $7,600.00 Recycled Bamako Dress is a true "eye sore" for me and not in a good way. The only way you could pull this off if you are a bean poll!
What comes to your mind when you see these two?
Multicolored Doctor B Bag
Multicolored and Pastel Ombre Doctor B Bag
at http://www.eluxury.com/ for $1,840.00
Wondering what in the world are you going to wear and what shoes. For the multi color I would keep it simple. Bring more attention to the bag. I'll play it safe and wear a white fitted tee and a pair of denim jeans. Wide leg or boot cut. For the pastel I'll wear the color khaki. It could be a dress, pants, or a skirt. You will have to be bold and should I say fierce!

26 March, 2008

"The Perfect Bow"

Look no further your perfect bow has arrived! Bows are everywhere that you can imagine. This latest trend is becoming a power-house!

Bows are the most timeless and elegant piece that any woman could have in her wardrobe.

Yves Saint Laurent

Double-Buckled Bow Patent Belt

at Neiman Marcus for $495.00

Yves Saint Laurent Double-Buckled Patent Belt


Khaki Bow-Back Trench

at Neiman Marcus for $1,195.00

Valentino Red Bow-Back Trench


This Python Bow Clutch is a bold yet functional evening clutch wristlet.

At Neiman Marcus for $1,295.00

Valentino Python Bow Clutch

Valentino Python Bow Clutch

Valentino Roma Bow-Back Dress

at Neiman Marcus for $1,290.00

Valentino Roma Bow-Back Dress

Carolina Herrera

Cotton Herringbone Dress

at Saks Fufth Avenue for $1,590.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Lily Plaid Mini Dress

at Saks Fifth Avenue for $458.00

Bruno Frisoni

Ribbon Platform Sandals

at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,085.00

24 March, 2008

"Go All Sheer"

Having a hard time finding blouses to go with your skirts, trousers? Are you like so many of us having a hard time keeping up with the latest trends this season? Here you will find the latest trends and must-haves!
New fresh looks and chic styles to add to your wardrobe.

Sheer blouses are one of the trends this spring/summer 2008. Some may say sheer! I can't wear that! Yes you can. They are many styles that fit your personal style and profession. Wear it to work with a tailored blazer. Wear it to a cocktail party with minimum jewelry.

Jill StuartCotton-silk top $338 at Fred Segal Flair


Jill Stuart Top

Alice+OliviaSilk dress $297 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Alice + Olivia Dress

FallsSilk top $253 at Lisa Kline


Falls Top

21 March, 2008

"Flip Flops Must Be Stopped"

Ladies it is time to toss away these god awful cheap flip flops, that will be worn out within two weeks of purchase. Yes, flip flops do have it's place in your wardrobe, but not those flimsy, rickety kind.

I'm not a fan of Poetic Licence. But, when I came across this beauty. I said to myself, these are to die for! You can still be laid back and still look "oh so chic." These over the top oversized jewels with ankle buckle straps.
Available at revolveclothing.com for $82.00

19 March, 2008

"Expressing Fashion"

Fashion gives an expression of someone's self and automatically speaks art. It allows you to express your sense of style.
With that said, this well known american designer has a profound passion for horses.


Every Must-Have OR Trends Are Not For Every Woman!

Nice sunny hot weather will soon be approaching us soon. What will you be wearing to keep cool? Will you be wearing "short shorts?" Let me give you ladies notice, incase you didn't know. All shorts are not for every woman. In my opinion you should have long legs for some of these "new" must-haves. Shorts with pleats are a no, no. You want to go for a smooth look.
Note: Dress them up a little with wearing a blazer.



Ditch the shirt! This style will not be for everyone.

18 March, 2008

"Little Black Dress"

There is nothing like a classic, timeless color "black". Black is a color that you don't want to live without! It slims, and definitely hides what you don't want to show. Black speaks in volumes and elegance. No need for over the top accessories. You can pull your hair back, wear light makeup, your Chanel lip gloss and you are good to go!

Note: Pulling back your hair and wearing a pearl necklace or simply just your pearl earrings gives a really chic look.

Donna Karan Collection Gathered Shirtdress

Donna Karan Collection Roll-Sleeve Top & Gathered Skirt

17 March, 2008

"Stack Me Up Well"

Bangles will be a new trend for this spring & summer. Make sure that you wear them stacked. No more than three unless they are not thick. So stack to impress!

Saks Fifth Avenue








Bergford Goodman


Ippolita Abracadabra & Fetucine Bangles

1. Alexis Bittar Triple Row Bracelet $525.00

2. Citrine by the Stones Dream Bangles $172.00

3. Dominique Cohen 18k Gold Bangle $1,150.00

4. Gurhan 24k Gold Bangle set $2,640.00

5. Ippolita White Agate Abracadabra Bangle $4,500.00

6. Ippolita Turquosie Jellybean Bangle $2,500.0

7. Versace Rhinestone Bracelet $580.00

8. Majorica Cuff Bracelet $295

9. Abracadabra $4,500.00 & Fetucine Bangles $2,500.00